News USA: Peace Zone Championship Cup 2020 Confirmed

Peace Zone Championship 2020 is confirmed to be played in the month of September & October in USA.

Peace Zone cup is a football tournament organised with an aim to enhance and encourage children, youths and adults towards sports.

Eight best sporting clubs from different states/cities will participate in the tournament with a motto of honesty, humility, discipline and professionalism.

Peace Zone Championship Cup 2020 championship details : 

Registration Ends : 2 September 2020

Group Stage : September 18-20, September 25-27, 2020

Semi Finals : October 10  2020

Finals :  October 11 2020

Peace Zone Championship Cup 2020 Tournament Format

Group Stage :  The eight teams will be divided into two groups - A and B through lucky-draw after the registration ends. 4 teams from each group will compete against each other in this round and the top 2 teams will qualify for the knockout stage. 1 game will be played per day.

Semi Finals:  The top 2 teams from each group in the group stage will enter the semi finals. The topper of Group A will compete with the runners up of Group B and the topper of Group B will compete with the runners up of Group A. Each winning team will enter the finals to compete for the trophy.

 Finals : The finals will take place on 11th of October 2020.

GoalNepal is the official web partner of the event.

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