News CONMEBOL Marks 104th Anniversary

FIFA President Gianni Infantino congratulated the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) this 9 July on the 104th anniversary of its foundation.

In a letter to CONMEBOL President Alejandro Dominguez, Infantino extended, on behalf of the international football community, his congratulations on an anniversary "which has been reached only thanks to the support of all those who believe in the beauty and benefits of the sport that unites us all, football".

In addition, Infantino took the opportunity to remember the important role CONMEBOL has played in the development of football:

"FIFA is proud to have its support and that of its ten member associations to develop our sport and promote its values in South America and around the world."

He concluded his letter by wishing CONMEBOL the best for the future. "I wish all of you much success in the years to come and in particular good health for you, your families and the South American football community."


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