News Four Agitating District FAs Move To CIAA & PAC Against Ministry Decision

Four agitating district FAs have moved to Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority and Public Accounts Committee at HoR against the decision made by Youth & Sports ministry.

Four district FA presidents sent a joint press release on Sunday mentioning that they had again filed an application at CIAA nd PAC after finding that the ministry had given "clean chit" to ANFA leadership over alleged corruption charges filed by them. They had filed the case at CIAA in Poush month of 2075 B.S.

Sports ministry had formed an investigation committee under the chairmanship of deputy secretary An Prasad Neupane to investigate the corruption charges at ANFA. The committee - as per instruction from CIAA - gave clean chit to current ANFA leadership.

Now the four DFAs are moving against the decision and again demanded investigation at ANFA.

"The decision made by the ministry is biased and false. We are again filing the case at CIAA and PAC to investigate on the decision made by the ministry", said four DFAs in a joint press release.

They also added that they were fighting against bad governance and corruption at ANFA.

"We are now moving strongly to fight against the leadership and raise our voice against the corruption at ANFA", they said.

ANFA leadership is repeatedly denying the claims and have dashed out all accusations made by the agitating parties.

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