News ANFA Is Adamant To Complete B, C & ANFA Women’s League

All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) is adamant to complete B Division league and host this year’s C Division and Women’s football league.

B Division league was halted due to spread of Corona virus while C Division and women’s league were supposed to be held last months. Nepalese football is now completely halted due to the pandemic. 

ANFA source said the officials have already handed memorandum to National sports council about their wish to host the events. 

The council has written to COVID crisis management committee but the decision hasn’t been made.

The FA wants to complete the leagues with all safety measures applied.

FIFA sends budget for the league. If ANFA doesn’t host the leagues, they won’t get the grant for the world governing body. 

What do you think about ANFA’s wish to host events with safety measures ?

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