News MP Pradip Yadav Takes Patriotism Issue To Assembly 


Pradip Yadav has taken issue related to ANFA president Karma Tsering Sherpa to assembly. 

President Sherpa recently raised question on patriotism of people from Terai region while talking to online new portal based in USA. 

He stated that the FA started grassroots football program in Terai region in association with Nepal Army to "teach" patriotism among them through football.

That statement angered the people from Terai region. 

Speaking in the assembly, MP Yadav demanded action against president Karma Tsering Sherpa.

“ANFA president shouldn’t teach patriotism among Madeshi people. We are the people who are guarding the border without pay”, he said in the assembly.

He also accused that ANFA gave Nrs 17 crore to sports minister (Jagat Bishwokarma). However the statement contradicts as FIFA is supporting ANFA to construct a football technical centre in Machapuchre rural municipality, Kaski.

“ANFA loves Sports minister. That’s why ANFA gifted Nrs 17 crore to sports minister”, he continued in the assembly.

Pradip Yadav is a controversial lawmaker from Janata Samajbadi party.

The Party had suspended Yadav for six months in June 2019, more than 45 days after he attended a controversial programme on Free Tibet in Europe without informing the party.

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