News Bhutanese Nepali Team Timai Squad FC Donates Nrs 2,25,770 To Ailing Samikchhya Magar

Bhutanese Nepali team based in USA, Timai Squad FC has donated Nrs 2,25,770 to ailing football player Samikchya Magar on Wednesday.

Amrit Pele Gurung, who plays for Timai Squad, started the fund raising campaign.

"It's our absolute pleasure to contribute something to ailing Samikchya Magar. We wish Magar a speedy recovery", said Amrit Pele Gurung on behalf of the club.

Gurung - who initiated the campaign - personally donated USD 130.

GoalNepal ambassador in USA, Jitu Kaka Basnet thanked Timai Squad and the players for the valuable support.

"I would like to thank Timai Squad FC, players and the officials for the wonderful support", said Kaka.

GoalNepal is running fund raising campaign to support Magar for her treatment plus rehab process. ANFA has already confirmed that they would cover medical expenses of her complex eye surgery.

CEO of Biba Media Group, Mr. Bikram Thapa thanked Timai Squad FC for the support.

"We are extremely thankful to Timai Squad FC and Pele Amrit Gurung for the initiation and the support. This proves GoalNepal community is so united and they trust the vision of GoalNepal", said Thapa.

The donated money will be handed over to the parents of player Magar very soon.

Those who contributed in the campaign are as follows:

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