News Chulachuli Women’s Football Club & Chulachuli Youth Supporters Donate 16200 rs To Samikchhya Magar

Chulachuli Women's FC & Youth Supporters have supported ailing Samikchya Magar with Nrs 16,200.

The club officials visited Biratnagar eye hospital on Wednesday to hand over the money.

Magar, a football player who lost her eye sight in a freak accident in Belaka, Udayapur, is undergoing treatment at Biratnagar Eye hospital. Her parent's financial condition is not sound.

ANFA has already confirmed that they will cover all medical expenses.

For more details about Samikchhya treatment, please contact:

Coach Bhagwati Rana Magar

You can donate money through online in coach Magar's account:

Bhagawati Rana Magar
Prabhu Bank
Dharan Branch
A/C No: 02201100323680000001

Day 1:
GoalNepal: Nrs 10,000

Birat Shangrilla Sporting Club: Nrs 25,000
Nepal national team: Nrs 30,000
Nepal national U23 team: Nrs 10,000
New Balance Nepal: Nrs 10,000

Day 2:
Nepal women's team: Nrs 50,000
Coach Bhagwati Rana Magar & Family: Nrs 25,000
Suraj Budhathoki: Nrs 10,000
Hem Roka: Nrs 10,000
Mukesh Kumar Singh: Nrs 2000
Prayas Pratap: Nrs 2500

Day 3:
Anita Shrestha: Nrs 26,000
MMC: Nrs 30,000
Mayor Bhim Parajuli: Nrs 25,000
Mayor Durga Kumar Thapa: Nrs 20,000
Rezzyhangma Limbu: Nrs 15083
Belbari Naksalbari Club: Nrs 16,000

Day 4:
All Nepal Women Football Association: Nrs 12,000
Chulachuli FC & Chulachuli youth supporters: Nrs 16,200

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