News ANFA District Election & Central Election Raises Question After ANFA Moves To National Election Commission

Question has been raised on timely completion of ANFA's district election and central election after ANFA has moved to National election commission seeking approval.

ANFA hasn't sent circulars to district associations yet despite confirming the date to hold election in between Kartik 25 - Mangsir 25.

ANFA's Central election is slated for Magh 11.

ANFA first moved to National sports council to get their approval for the election(s). NSC asked ANFA to get approval from national election commission if they could hold the election during election of Federal parliament and provincial assemblies.

Many critics believed that ANFA wasn't ready to hold district and central election on time because there was no such point in national election code of conduct.

ANFA's spokesperson Sanjeev Mishra rejected such claim and confirmed that elections would be held on time.

"We wanted to go through process. NSC asked us to get approval from national election commission. We have submitted a letter at the commission on Thursday. Once we will get reply from the commission, we will start process for district and central election", said Mishra.

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