News Birat Gold Cup Prep In Full Swing; Biratnagar City FC To Take Part

Birat gold cup trust has sped up prep for upcoming Birat Gold Cup 2079.

The organizers said they were maintaining the field and other facilities of the stadium.

Eight teams will take part in the event, which will kick off on Chaita 9 - 17 at Sahid Maidan, Biratnagar.

CEO of Birat gold cup LOC, Subhashish Koirala said, "Preparation is in full swing for the event. We will include two foreign teams to make the event competitive. Positive thing is that we are trying to increase the prize money". 

The total budget of the event is NRs 2 croe 50 lakh.

Biratnagar City FC to take part in the competition

NSL playing club Biratnagar City FC will represent the oganizers in the event, the organizers said.

Nepal APF FC is the defending champions of the event.

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