News New Zealand: Everest Cup On September 24 & 25

The second edition of the football tournament Everest Cup is going to be held this coming Saturday and Sunday in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.

The tournament will be held at Wakefield Park Island Bay in Wellington on September 24th and 25th.

Fourteen teams will participate in the tournament, which will be organized by the Sherpa Football Club and the Nepalese Society of Wellington. Sherpa Football Club A and B from Wellington, Nepalese Warrior Football Club from Bay of Plenty, Gorkha Football Club and Football Club Khukuri from Auckland, Nepal United Football Club from Christchurch, Kathmandu Football Club NZ, Team Lotsampa and Team Agape are participating in the tournament.

Similarly, Hamilton's Gorkhali Football Club, Yesburton's Danfe Football Club, Palmerston North's Manawatu United, Nelson's Druk United and Queenstown's Cymric United will also participate in the competition.

The first edition of the Everest Cup was held in 2020. The winner of the first tournament was Auckland Nepalese Football Association.

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