News MBAN Sports Meet 2022 From September 2nd

The Merchant Bankers' Association of Nepal (MBAN) is conducting the inaugural "MBAN Sports Meet 2022" beginning September 2nd, 2022, at Dhanyentari Court, Bhatkeko Pool, under the management of Event Court Pvt. Ltd. Merchant banks and related regulatory bodies from various Capital Market family are taking part in the competition.

"Together for a healthy lifestyle" is the event's tagline.

The MBAN Sports Meet begins on September 2nd with Table Tennis and Badminton at Dhayentari Futsal, Bhatkeko Pool.  Table Tennis players compete in Men's, Women's, and Veterans Singles, while Men's and Women's doubles teams compete in the Badminton event. However, The futsal event begins on 9th September at Dhuku Futsal Hub with Grand Finale on 10th September.

Qualified referees from the All-Nepal Football Association (ANFA) manage futsal matches and technical elements, as do qualified officials for Badminton and Table Tennis events, with the assistance of medical professionals and physiotherapists to ensure the tournament operates well.

Goal is the web partner and Sindhu Sports & Benchwarmers Nepal are the event's supporters.

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