News Nepal International Rajeen Dhimal: Coach Abdullah & ANFA Showing No Value That's Why Players Are Leaving Football
Nepal international Rajeen Dhimal said coach Abdullah Almutairi and ANFA are showing no value to players that's why they are leaving the country.

More than six Nepal internationals left country past two months to Australia to better their future.

Dhimal took to social media to express his frustration.

"Shameless act again, you (addressing coach Abdullah) must be feeling like a good leader by manipulating people saying that players are leaving the country with no hope to get a good future here in Nepal as footballers. Try to talk with players once then you will know that the main reason behind this departure is a recent incident that forced them to think about their self respect and value as players in Nepal. They worked so hard to be in the top level and contributed so many things for the team and football but at the end what you have done to players was a cheap and shameful act in football. you and anfa showed no value to players in Nepal so they decided to leave football.

Dhimal also accused coach Abdullah for stopping Nepal Super League.
You are talking about football activities in Nepal wow, don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? How much do you want to lie? Aren’t you the one who tried to stop NSL? We all remember the incident when anfa wanted to do NSL and asked you to push back a training plan for 2 weeks. You brought all the players in a meeting room and personally threatened them by saying you want to play NSL or Abdullah's team? All the players kept quiet and the players couldn’t raise their voice for NSL. Later you wrote a post and tried to get attention of public and tried to spread message like you wanted to do NSL .football activities is another reason and all of us really want to see lots and lots of football activities in Nepal for the development of Nepalese football but this is the recent main reason otherwise there were no good football activities before too but players didn’t choose abroad like this. But now even newcomers want to leave and try to be safe in the future. This time players are tired not physically, it's mentally. It’s bitter but truth".

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