News ANFA General Secretary Rai Meets SAFF General Secretary Anwarul Haq In Dhaka

At SAFF Headquarters in Dhaka on Friday, a delegation from the All Nepal Football Association led by General Secretary Kiran Rai met with SAFF General Secretary Anwarul Haq Helal.

The proposed date for the SAFF Women's Championship in Kathmandu was discussed by General Secretary Rai, Ex CO member Bikash Narayan Shrestha, and New Road Team President Sundar Narsingh Joshi.

The proposed SAFF Women's Championship will be from August 29 to September 10 to be held in Kathmandu as suggested by General Secretary Rai. Haq, the general secretary of SAFF, expressed support for the idea.

The proposed date will now be put on the table for approval at the SAFF Congress on Saturday. The two also spoke about various aspects of regional association football development.

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