News New Road Team Leave For Pre-Season In Malaysia & Thailand

New Road Team (NRT) have left Nepal to go to Malaysia to participate in the TYT Cup starting later this week. NRT players and officials travelling to the South-East Asia were bid farewell by the club earlier today before they boarded the flight.

NRT are scheduled to participate in the TYT Cup and also fly to Thailand after that for some friendlies as part of their pre-season tour.

NRT are scheduled to face Malaysia's Penang FC on 30th June and Indonesia's Karo FC on July 2nd. The winners of that tournament will receive 10 thousand Malaysian Ringgit while the runners-up will receive 5 thousand Malaysian Ringgit.

NRT have added a few big names to their roster for this tour including Bishal Rai and Rajeen Dhimal.

NRT squad:

Tolo Landry, Pujan Hona, Andre Thiyeri, Saroj Tamang, Gaurav Shrestha, Rajeen Dhimal, Chhiring Gurung, Saman Limbu, Bishal Rai, Suwash Gurung, Bishal Tamang, Ashok Thapa, Messouke Oloumou, Nicolas Fernandez, Dipesh Ghale, Kritish Ratna Chhunju, Sanjib Bista, Stephane Samir Binong, Sanjog Rai, Rumesh Bartaula, Bikram Dhimal.


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