News Mayor Balen Desires To Construct A Stadium In Sisdol

Balendra Shah (Balen), the Mayor of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has stated that there is a desire to construct a stadium at the Sisdol landfill site, where waste is managed in Kathmandu. 

Mayor Shah made this statement while speaking with Pankaj Bikram Nemwang, senior vice president of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) and presidency candidate in today's elections, about football development.

"By correctly managing the waste at the Sisdol dump site, we hope to construct a beautiful stadium and park. We will construct flood lights in other parks and grounds throughout the metropolis, including Tundikhel in Kathmandu, so that people can play at night," stated Chief Shah.

During the conversation, he stated that he wants to start a grassroots football program in Kathmandu to develop league players. Mayor Shah stated, "We are engaging with the concerned parties on this. Even now, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City is funding the city's 'A Division,' 'B Division,' and 'C Division' football clubs to keep the game going."

ANFA Senior Vice President Nembang stated that they are willing to work with the metropolis for the development and expansion of Nepali football. 

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