News Gorkha: Jiwan Gurung Elected Haramtari Club President

Jiwan Gurung has been elected as the president of the Haramtari Club from the fourth convention. The club's fourth convention held on Saturday has selected an 11-member working committee led by Gurung.

Anil Shrestha and Manoj Gurung have been elected as vice-presidents while Kiran Dhakal has been unanimously elected as general secretary, said Bikram Basnet, advisor of the club.

Similarly, Shanta Ghale has been selected as the secretary of the club and Susan Gurung as the treasurer. Prajwal Chhetri, Bikash Shrestha, Ashish Shrestha, Pradip Chhetri and Yanu Gurung have been selected as members.

The club, located in Ward No. 6 of Gorkha Municipality, has been running the Gorakhkali Football Cup with the highest prize money in the district for a long time. Along with football, the club has been running campaigns for the development of various sports activities and the production of skilled players.

At the initiative of the club, the stadium in the Gorkha district headquarters has already been upgraded. Along with sports, the club has been carrying out various social activities.

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