News Ilam: Pathari Lift The Title Of Triveni Gold Cup

Pathari 11 FC, Morang lifted the title of the second Triveni Gold Cup, held in Phakfokthum-4, Phuyatappa, Ilam. Pathari successfully defended their title defeating Millenium Friends Club, Fikkal, Ilam.

Pathari won the second edition of the tournament by defeating Fikkal 2-1 in the final on Thursday at Bishnu Ma.Vi ground. Pathari's Sanam Dhimal and Subash Tamang scored in the win. Fikkal got a consolation goal from Shekhar Rai.

In the competitive game, all three goals were possible in the second half. Both teams played to a goalless draw in the first half. Sanam Dhimal of Patari scored in the second minute of the second half to put the team ahead.

Fikkal, on the other hand, equalized in less than two minutes to bring the team back into the game. With less than a minute remaining in the game, Pathari's Subash Tamang scored the game-winning goal.

Fikkal's Aashish Rai was named the tournament's best player and received Rs 5,000 in cash. Similarly, Fikkal's Bibek Magar was named best goalkeeper, Pathari's Umesh Karki was named best midfielder, Pathari's Dipesh Dhimal was named best defender, and Pathari's Subash Tamang finished as the top scorer. They were each given three thousand rupees.

Pathari, the winner of the Gold Cup organized by Triveni Youth Development Organization Phuyatappa, received the trophy along with Rs 2,00,000 in cash while runner-up Fikkal received Rs. 1,00,000 in cash.

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