News Khotang: Young Boys Crowned Diktel Mayor Cup Champions

Young Boys FC, Diktel have lifted the title of the Diktel Mayor Cup Third KFA Inyer-Club Football tournament. Diktel defeated Bahunidada FC 5-3 in the shootout to lift the title.

The first goal was scored by Bahunidanda Football Club in the 24th minute of the final. In the 82nd minute of the match, Bahunidanda, who had put pressure on the players of Young Boys Football Club in the first half, could not handle their opponents and conceded. The match was then pushed to the penalty shootout.

Young Boys received Rs. 1,25,000, medals, shield and certificates along with the title.

Similarly, the runner-up Bahunidanda Football Club received 65,000 shields, medals, trophies and certificates. Unity Football Club, Baksila and Sapteshwar Football Club, Sapteshwar, who became the semi-finalists of the 16-team competition, received cash prizes of Rs 20,000 each, medals and certificates.

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