News National Team Goalkeeper Angela Subba Nominated For People's Choice Award At Pulsar Sports Award

Nepal Sports Journalists Forum has made public the successful players of NSJF Pulsar Sports Award 2077 in the People's Choice category. The selection committee of the forum nominated Alina Maharjan of table tennis, Prince Dahal of badminton, Kushal Bhurtel of cricket and Angela Tumbapo Subba of football in this category.

The members of the forum, head coaches of 27 games and supporters will vote for the award. The player who gets the most votes will be declared the winner in the award ceremony to be held at Pragya Pratisthan in Kamaladi on March 22.

This time, besides People's Choice, there will be the best male player of the decade, the best female player of the decade and the best coach of the decade awards. Similarly, Para-athlete Honors, Special Awards, Lifetime Achievement Award and Asian Sports Journalist Award will be held regularly.


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