News Machhindra FC Players Attend A Conference On Basic Life Support!
Machhindra Football Club players attended a conference on Basic Life Support (BLS) and immediate medical care facilitated by Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Shrestha (Senior Consultant Cardiologist) on Saturday.
The club announced this through Facebook and their statement reads: "As a club, we believe that with proper knowledge in giving immediate medical attention and CPR, lives could be saved on and off the pitch. The safety and well-being of our players is our first priority."
Machhindra FC physiotherapist Dr. Suraj Bhusal, in an interview with GoalNepal, had earlier informed us about his intent on working in this aspect of the game and taking a step ahead in making players and officials aware of BLS after the incident of Manish Dangi collapsing on the pitch in the A Division League clash against Chyasal Youth Club.
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