News Aaha! Rara Gold Cup: Sankata vs Machhindra LIVE

1' Kick-off!

7' The expectations of the match coming true already. Defending champs Sankata with a triple chance in quick succession. Brilliant double save from Surya Adhikari and a goalline clearance from Nurain Kareem. Still 0-0.

13' Utsav Rai scores for Machhindra. A grounded long ranger goes to the back of the net. Has to be said, the positioning of the Sankata GK Raja Babu Thapa wasn't on point there. 1-0 to Machhindra.

20' 0-0 still. A good save by Raja Babu Thapa there to stop the league leaders from doubling the lead.

Defending champions seem to have a curse of losing their first match in this competition. Sankata are a goal down and history might just repeat itself. Still 1-0 for Machhindra at the 30' mark.

31' Pass from centre of the pitch to Abhishek who is open to goal, runs and shoots himself but shoots wide of the far-post.

HT: Machhindra 1-0 Sankata at the break.

47' Messouke scores for Machhindra to make it 2-0. The man who was released by NRT for this tournament to play for the White Lions converted a 3v1 chance for the league leaders. An Abhisekh Rijal pass was calmly finished by Messouke. 

60' 2-0 at the hour mark. The game is still in control of Machhindra. Sankata seem to be missing Bishnu Gurung and his tactical improvisation. 

63' Substitute Ganesh Hamal pulls one back for Sankata. A lofted ball from a corner was headed in by Niraj Basnet which was put home by Ganesh off his head. 2-1. Game on. 

70' Sankata looking more lively after pulling one goal back. Still 2-1 in favour of Machhindra. 

84' Abhisekh Gurung makes it 3-1 for Machhindra. He converted a rebound off a free-kick when Raja Babu Thapa couldn't pray it away and Abhisekh pounced on that ball. 

87' Messouke makes it 4-1 for White Lions. Lifted ball collected by Messouke, shot into the near post from ten yards out.

FT: Machhindra 4-1 Sankata

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