News Why Nepal Women's Team Fielded 12 Players In The First Line Up ?

There are still some people who are talking about ANFA's wrongdoing when Nepal took the field in the first friendly match against Bangladesh.

Nepal entered the field with 12 players.

ANFA, match commissioner and the other officials definitely know the rule of the game. They intentionally let Nepal enter the field with 12 players because the team wanted to "honor" an important player of the team, Punam Jargha Magar.

Magar is regular in the team since a decade and is on the verge of ending her career due to medical complications.

The coaching staffs found out that Jargha had some medical complications in the pre-medical assesment that can bar her from playing the game again.

But coach Gary Phillips told the press on Thursday that they fielded Magar with the team to honor her.

"She may not play the game again as we are waiting the final medical reports. This could be her final match so we decided her to enter the field with the team", said coach Phillips.

There are practices like this in international football. We have seen many FAs, clubs doing this to honor the player and this is nothing wrong.

Nepalese coaching staffs are now waiting final medical reports that they will submit to ANFA before Punam Jargha finalize her future.

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