News Can Nepal Score A Goal After 18 Months ? 


The main question is can Nepal score a goal after 18 months?

Nepal hasn't scored a goal after September 10, 2019. That sounds bizzare.

Nepal had defeated Chinese Taipei 2-0 in 10th September but hasn't scored a single goal in six matches thenafter. Anjan Bista had scored both goals for Nepal.

10 September 2019 Chinese Taipei Vs Nepal 0-2 

10 October 2019 Australia Vs Nepal 5-0
13 October 2019 Jordan Vs Nepal 3-0
19 November 2019 Nepal Vs Kuwait 0-1
12 November 2020 Bangladesh Vs Nepal 2-0
17 November 2020 Bangladesh vs Nepal 0-0

Nepal is playing against Bangladesh in the final match of tri-nation cup today at Dasharath stadium.

Can Nepal score goal today? What do you say ?

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