News Coach Basanta Gauchan Flying Nepal Flag High

Former Nepal international midfielder Basanta Gauchan is a licensed coach, who is based in Japan.

Gauchan is a certified coach from AFC and Japan FA. He coaches youth team in Japan's one of the top football academies, Fun Roots football academy.

Apart from coaching, he spends time thinking on how to develop youth football system in Nepal. Annually, he and his team invite youth team from Nepal to Japan to take part in Copa Puma Toreros cup. He regularly supports youth academies and DFA with sporting gears.

Gauchan says he is giving back to the country.

"Nepalese football has given me everything. I am here just because of Nepalese football. It's my responsibility to contribute something to country", said Gauchan, who has just returned from UK.

Last month, he was in UK with U14 Fun Roots football academy. The academy trusted his abilities and handed him the responsibility of youth team. He had also led the team to South Korea & Italy where his team played fantastic game.

"In UK, we played against Manchester United, Leichester, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Stoke City, Crystal Palace, Watford and Nottingham Forest. It was great experience for the team", said Gauchan.

He is the only Nepalese coach with that magnitude of coaching responsibility.

"It feels great. I would like to thank my academy and its owner Jun Hirano San. I don't want to remember my struggling days but I kept working hard. I knew I would achieve something if I would work hard", added Gauchan.

He earns a good salary. Life is fantastic in Japan. But Gauchan wants to contribute more to Nepalese football.

Former Nepal international added, "We need to develop youth system if we want our country to improve. We must invest more on youth football. That is the only way we can develop our football".

"We are doing some projects for Nepalese football. We have a team. I would like to thank Prakash Tulachan for his great support. There are many people who want to be associated with us. We want to make it bigger", he further added.

When asked if he would come back to Nepal for coaching role, Gauchan said he would definitely do so in future.

No matter where Gauchan lives, he is doing his part for Nepalese football. He is flying Nepal flag high with pride.

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