News Bal Goal Maharjan: We Are Not Underestimating Maldives

Nepal coach Bal Gopal Maharjan said he and his team is not going to understimate Maldives.

Speaking with press in Dhaka on Monday, coach Maharjan said, "Maldives are good side. We are not understimating them. There are No Ali Ashfag and other known players but they play good game.

Maldives made it last four through "coin toss". Maldives and Sri Lanka had same one point each and the organizers had to determine the winner through coin toss as per tournament rule.

"Positive thing is that we have scored seven goals in three matches. Our confidence level has gone up. Players have proved that they can score goals any time. After a long time, team Nepal is in right track, said Maharjan.

"I am also very happy that we have good set of players. I don't have to worry for bench players. They are equally talented and ready to prove their worth.

"We believe we can beat Maldives with our strategy. As I previously said that our first target was to reach knockout stage and then we would eye for title. Time has come to eye for the title", said former Nepal international.

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