News Nepal Coach Abdullah Almutairi Refutes Media Claims; Says He Is Consulting With His Lawyer After ANFA Demands Clarification

Nepal coach Abdullah Alumutairi has refuted media claims and has also threatened ANFA saying that he was moving to his lawyer based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Coach AA made such statement after ANFA demanded clarification from him.

Writing on his social handle, coach AA said:

“It has come to my notice that Nepali media portals have been circulating wrong information. I would like to make it very clear that I didn’t receive any letter from ANFA until today (Tuesday) evening; so it was impossible for me to make any reply and response to any supposed questions from ANFA. However I was informed that Nepal is set to play friendly matches with Bangladesh. Hence, I rote a letter to GS (8th of August) regarding such friendly international matches. 

“After noticing disturbing news reporting in several news portal, I wrote and email, at around 5:30 PM NST, to the GS of ANFA regarding not receiving any such emails and demanded apologies. After few minutes of that I received an email, with apologies, from HoD of international relations of ANFA with letter containing questions.

“I have read news reporting where the journalist have quoted source from ANFA saying that I didn’t answer the questions sent by the GS and instead sent things I wanted them to do. I strongly recent such baseless reporting. I have always provided my full effort in building a stone national team of Nepal and have strong desire to continue until my agreement expires. 

“However, it seems like fe “sources in ANFA’ are deliberately spreading the fake news to tarnish my image. I will not tolerate such bullying and I am willing to go to any higher authority in FIFA or the AFC in needed.

“I would also like to inform everyone that the letter that I received today from ANFA demanding clarification has not stipules any deadline for me to make the reply. I have immediately consulted my lawyer in Geneva who will counsel me on the issue. Furthermore, FIFA regulations on the status and transfer of players 2022 also governs on matters related to the rules of employment of coaches which must ve adhered by ANFA well. I have questioned the legality of formation of task force, however I remained silent on good faith. 

“I will like to inform everyone that I will only make response to the letter and therein questions after proper counsel from my lawyer”.

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