FULL TIME. BAN wins first friendly match 2-0. Second match will be played on November 17, 2020. Thanks for being with us.


Four minutes of added time.


Bimal Rana replaces Anjan Bista - NEPAL


Bangladesh deserves this win as they look confident. Also, their fitness level looks good than Nepalese players.


GOAL! Bangladesh doubles the lead. Ajit Bhandari and Ananta Tamang look very sloppy. Mahabur Rahman places the ball into the net. BAN 2 NEP 0.


Long throw in from Bikash Khawas, Ananta Tamang goes for a back header, BAN goalie makes a save in a goal line.


Good save by GK Chemjong. Bangladesh could have made the score line 2-0.


Bharat Khawas finds the header but ball goes over the bar. Khawas has 10 international goals under his belly.


20 minutes left, BAN 1 NEP 0. Can Nepal level the score?


Darsan Gurung and Bharat Khawas are IN for Nepal, Debut match for Gurung.


Too many short passes but no such dangerous moves from Nepal. Bangladesh will be happy if Nepal keeps playing like this. They are leading by a goal. No penetration from team Nepal.


Poor cross from the flank by Sujal Shrestha. Here is another player change from BAN.


30 mins remaining on the clock. BAN 1 NEP 0. What's going in your mind ?


Bangladesh have made some subs. Three fresh players into the field.


Long ball from the right flank, Nepal GK Chemjong catches the ball easily.


RAVIIII ! What a chance for Ravi Paswan but his shot gets slight deflection off to a corner kick.


Nepal is playing short passes but they are unable to breakthrough Bangladesh midfield line, leave the Bangladesh defense line.


Long throw in from Bishwo nath, GK Chemjong punches the ball in.


Free kick to Nepal. Long free kick is taken, an easy catch for BAN goalie.


Very surprising to see large turn out (7k) fans inside the stadium. Bangladesh government has made brave decision to let the fans in during COVID pandemic.


Second half starts... George Prince replaces Nawayug Shrestha.


HALF TIME. BAN 1 NEP 0. Stick with us for second half action.


Three minutes of added time.


We are close to the end of first half.


Bikram Lama looks injured and is replaced by Arik Bista. His debut match for Nepal.


Five minutes remaining for a break. BAN are 1-0 up against NEP.


Anjan Bista tries his luck from just outside the box, but an easy save for BAN goalie.


Team Nepal is keeping ball possession with them. Anjan Bista is shining with the ball, releases a pass to Nawayug Shrestha but latter is caught offside.


30 mins clocked, Bangladesh 1 Nepal 0. What's your thoughts on Nepal play so far ?


Another good chance for Bangladesh. Ajit Bhandari fails to mark Ziban properly. Free flowing shot but misses direction.


Good save from goalie Kiran Chemjong. Corner kick is awarded to Bangladesh. Ravi Paswan comes down to support the team and clears the ball away.


Good chance for Nepal, good pass is given to Ravi Paswan but he fires the ball above the bar. Good chance but wasted.


Good chance for Bangladesh. They are pressing hard. Good cross from the flank, goalie Kiran is beaten, BAN forward goes for a header but misses direction.


20 mins gone, Bangladesh 1 Nepal 0.


Nepalese defense line looks nervous. Here is the corner kick to Bangladesh but they fail to utilize it.


Nepalese players are now keeping the ball with them. Playing short passes but they are unable to move forward with clinical moves.


Another corner kick to Nepal. Anjan Bista takes the kick but Nepalese front liners fail to deliver. Goal kick to Bangladesh.


Corner kick to Nepal. Sujal takes the kick. Not utilized.


GOAL! Bangladesh takes a lead. Poor marking from Nepalese defenders, Ziban scores with low finish. Bangladesh 1 Nepal 0.


Nepal are playing wihtout five regulars. This is definitely creating impact in the team.


First corner kick to Nepal. Sujal takes the kick. Not that perfect one again. Nepal must utilize the set piece. Counter move from Bangladesh, left back Suman Aryal looks under pressure but goalie Kiran clears the ball after coming out from the den.


Coaches from both teams are out from the dug-out. They know what is the main point - players from both teams are not physically fit due to long lay off due to COVID pandemic.


Free kick to Nepal. Sujal takes the kick but not that clinical one. Easy clearance from the defense line.


First foul of the match. Bikram Lama is fouled in Nepal's field.


Large turn out here at the stadium. Could be 7,000 ! Nepal are in red shirt, BAN are in maroon shirt.



National anthem is done. Team pics are done. We are ready for peeeeeeep!

Both teams are entering the field. We are all set.

Both teams are almost done with warm ups. Get ready for the excitement.

We are now 20 mins away from the kick off. Things are building up at the stadium. We can see some Bangladeshi fans in the stadium. BFF has let fans in amid corona pandemic.

You can watch the match LIVE HERE:

Both teams are now inside dressing room. They are ready to come out to inspect the field.

Here is the first XI:

GK: Kiran Chemjong

DFs: Suman Aryal, Ananta Tamang, Ajit Bhndari, Bikas Khawas

MFs: Bikram Lama, Tej Tamang, Anjan Bista, Sujal Shrestha, Rabi Paswan

FW: Nawayug Shrestha

Formation: 4-2-3-1

Team Nepal has just arrived the stadium. We are 2 hrs away from the kick off.

Fans are excited to enter the stadium. BFF has decided to let the fans in but they haven't said how many fans.

Latest pic from the stadium. We are gearing up. ARE YOU ?

Send us your pictures. We will try to post them also.

Let's us know in GoalNepal FB page how excited are you for the match.

GoalNepal will stream the match LIVE on TV.GoalNepal.com

Team Nepal is in hotel, getting ready to move in to the stadium.

Hello and Namaste. Welcome to you all from Dhaka. Team GoalNepal is all set here to bring you exclusive updates. The first friendly match will be played this evening at 4:45 PM NST. Get ready for action.

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1 Bangladesh - Nepal Men's Team Played 2 - 0 2020-11-13 Dhaka
2 Bangladesh - Nepal Men's Team Played 0 - 0 2020-11-17 Bangabandhu
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1 Bangladesh 2 2 4
2 Nepal Men's Team 2 -2 1
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